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01-0f Edit

01Raven RockThe American DreamBobblehead(Energy Weapons)(1, A)
02OasisOasisPoplar's Hood(10, A)
03MDPL-05 Power StationSchematic(Dart Gun)(2, B)
04SatCom Array NW-05a(3, B)
05Fort ConstantineYou Gotta Shoot 'Em in the HeadBobblehead(Big Guns)(5, B)
06SatCom Array NN-03d(6, B)
07MDPL-21 Power Station(7, B)
08Clifftop ShacksBoard of Education(11, B)
09Vault 92Agatha's Song(13, B)
0aOld OlneyElection DayPrototype Medic Power Armor(14, B)
0bThe Republic of DaveElection DayBobblehead(Perception)
Ol' Painless
(17, B)
0cMontgomery County Reservoir(9, C)
0dBroadcast Tower LP8(9, C)
0eChaste Acres Dairy Farm(16, C)
0fMDPL-16 Power Station(17, C)

10-1f Edit

10SatCom Array NW-07c(1, D)
11Broadcast Tower KB5(3, D)
12Deathclaw SanctuaryBobblehead(Endurance)(3, D)
13Dickerson Tabernacle ChapelHigh Plains Drifter(4, D)
14Mason Dixon Salvage(6, D)
15Reclining Groves Resort Homes(10, D)
16Greener Pastures Disposal SiteBobblehead(Agility)(13, D)
17Grisly DinerKeller Family Transcript(15, D)
18Relay Tower KX-B8-11(16, D)
19Mount Mabel Camp Ground(4, E)
1aWKML Broadcast StationBobblehead(Explosive)(5, E)
1bThe Silver Lining Drive-In(6, E)
1cDrowned Devil's Crossing(6, E)
1dMDPL-13 Power Station(11, E)←行ってみたところ、実際は12,Eの中段左です
1eAbandoned Car Fort(3, F)
1fFaded Pomp Estates(5, F)

20-2f Edit

20Roosevelt Academy(5, F)
21Paradise FallsStrictly Business
Picking up the Trail
Economics of Violence
(8, F)
22Germantown Police HQBig Trouble in Big Town(10, F)
23MinefieldWasteland Survival Guide(12, F)
24Temple of the UnionHead of State(15, F)
25Shalebridge(2, G)
26Five Axles Rest Stop(4, G)
27MDPL Mass Relay Station(5, G)
28AntAgonizer LairThe Superhuman Gambit(16, G)
29Canterbury CommonsThe Superhuman Gambit
Merchant Empire
(16, G)
2aBroadcast Tower KT8(2, H)
2bRockbreaker's Last Gas(4, H)
2cArefuBlood Ties(7, H)
2dNorthwest Seneca StationMurphy's Bombing Run(7, H)
2eHamilton's HideawayCaching in with Three Dog(8, H)
2fHallowed Moors CemeteryKeller Family Transcript(9, H)

30-3f Edit

30Meresti TrainyardWater Beggars(10, H)
31Agatha's HouseAgatha's Song(11, H)
32ScrapyardMeet Dogmeat(12, H)
33Wheaton Armory(14, H)
34Robot Repair CenterThe Superhuman Gambit(16, H)
35Vault 87Finding the Garden of Eden
Super Mutant Origin
(1, I)
36Everglow National Campground(3, I)
37Fordham Flash Memorial Field(8, I)
38Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema(8, I)
39Big TownBig Trouble in Big Town
Bittercup Runneth Over
Ticking Timebomb
(9, I)
3aCorvega Factory(16, I)
3bVault 108(17, I)
3cLittle LamplightPicking up the Trail
A Sticky Situation
Biwwy's Wazer Wifle
Bully the Bully
Tales of the Wastes
The Kid-Kidnapper
Fungus Deal
Zip's Nuka Fix
(2, J)
3dJalbert Brothers Waste Disposal(4, J)
3eVAPL-58 Power StationKeller Family Transcript(6, J)
3fKaelyn's Bed & Breakfast(8, J)

40-4f Edit

40Vault 106(8, J)
41Bethesda Ruins(12, J)
42Fort Bannister(5, K)
43Springvale School(10, K)
44Chryslus Building(13, K)
45Rock Creek Caverns(16, K)
46Yao Guai Tunnels(1, L)
47Charnel House(4, L)
48Jury Street Metro Station(7, L)
49Vault 101Baby Steps
Growing Up Fast
Future Imperfect
Trouble on the Homefront
(9, L)
4aSpringvale300 Pieces of Silver(10, L)
4bSuper-Duper MartWasteland Survival Guide(12, L)
4cFarragut West Metro Station(13, L)
4dChevy Chase North(15, L)
4eFriendship Heights(15, L)
4fChevy Chase East(15, L)

50-5f Edit

50GNR Building PlazaGalaxy News Radio
Caching in with Three Dog
(15, L)
51Vernon Square North(16, L)
52Vault-Tec HeadquartersAgatha's Song(16, L)
53Vernon Square East(16, L)
54National Guard DepotKeller Family Transcript(17, L)
55Takoma Park(17, L)
56Takoma Industrial(17, L)
57Smith Casey's GarageTranquility Lane(3, M)
58Evergreen Mills(5, M)
59MegatonFollowing in His Footsteps
Blood Ties
The Power of the Atom
Wasteland Survival Guide
300 Pieces of Silver
Leo's Drug Habit
Walter's Scrap Metal
Water Beggars
(10, M)
5aSewer Waystation(12, M)
5bWilhelm's Wharf(13, M)
5cArlington Cemetery North(13, M)
5dFlooded Metro(13, M)
5eAnchorage MemorialWasteland Survival Guide(14, M)
5fDupont West(14, M)

60-6f Edit

60Dupont Station/Georgetown West(14, M)
61Tepid Sewers/Dukov's PlaceCherry's Freedom(14, M)
62Dupont East/Dupont Northeast(15, M)
63Georgetown North(15, M)
64Georgetown East(15, M)
65Vernon Square Station(16, M)
66The Statesman HotelReilly's Rangers(16, M)
67Our Lady of Hope HospitalReilly's Rangers(16, M)
68White House(16, M)
69Penn. Ave North(17, M)
6aMetro Central(17, M)
6bGirdershadeThe Nuka-Cola Challenge
Mississippi Quantum Pie
(2, N)
6cGrayditchThose!(12, N)
6dMarigold StationThose!
Grady's Package
(12, N)
6eArlington Cemetery South(13, N)
6fMama Dolce's(13, N)

70-7f Edit

70Georgetown South(15, N)
71Museum of HistoryReilly's Rangers
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
Lincoln's Profit Margins
(15, N)
72Lincoln MemorialHead of State(15, N)
73Mall Northwest(15, N)
74The Washington MonumentGalaxy News Radio(15, N)
75Mall Southwest(15, N)
76The Mall Northeast(16, N)
77Penn. Ave Northwest(16, N)
78The National ArchivesStealing Independence(16, N)
79The Capitol Building(16, N)
7aMuseum of TechnologyGalaxy News Radio
Jiggs' Loot
(16, N)
7bPenn. Ave South(17, N)
7cPenn. Ave East(17, N)
7dSeward Sq. Northwest/Seward Sq. North Metro(17, N)
7eRanger CompoundReilly's Rangers
Geomapping with Reilly
(17, N)
7fJocko's Pop & Gas Stop(3, O)

80-8f Edit

80VAPL-66 Power Station(3, O)
81VAPL-84 Power Station(6, O)
82Fort IndependenceThe Outcast Collection Agent(8, O)
83Fairfax Ruins(9, O)
84Falls Church MetroThe Lost Initiate(12, O)
85Falls Church North(13, O)
86Falls Church EastここからMama Dolce'sへ行ける(13, O)
87The CitadelGallows Humor
Worst. Doctor. Ever
Collecting Holotags
(14, O)
88Irradiated Metro(15, O)
89L'Enfant Plaza(16, O)
8aSeward Sq. Southeast(17, O)
8bF. Scott Key Trail & Compound(2, P)
8cDunwich Building(2, P)
8dWarrington TrainyardTenpenny Tower(4, P)
8eTenpenny TowerTenpenny Tower
A Manhandled Manservant
Water Beggars
(5, P)
8fRobCo FacilityWasteland Survival Guide(6, P)

90-9f Edit

90Cliffside Cavern(7, P)
91AndaleOur Little Secret(9, P)
92Red Racer FactoryJust for the Taste of It(11, P)
93Hubris Comics(13, P)
94Mason District South(13, P)
95Alexandria Arms(13, P)
96L'Enfant SouthSearching for Cheryl(17, P)
97Anacostia Crossing(17, P)
98Rivet CityScientific Pursuits
Stealing Independence
The Replicated Man
A Nice Day for a Right Wedding
Council Seat
Light-Fingers Hargrave
Slave Hunt
Suicide Watch
The Runaways
Water Beggars
(17, P)
99Warrington StationTenpenny Tower(5, Q)
9aThe Overlook Drive-In(8, Q)
9bNuka-Cola PlantThe Nuka-Cola Challenge
Just for the Taste of It
(10, Q)
9cFlooded Metro(12, Q)
9dArlington LibraryPre-War Book Collection(13, Q)
9eJefferson MemorialScientific Pursuits
The Waters of Life
Project Impurity
Take it Back!
(15, Q)

s Edit

s1Alien Crash Site(12, C)
s2RockopolisA Manhandled Manservant(2, M)

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